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Adobe PDF cost to much? Best 6 freebies to deal with PDF files

Check out these 6 FREE resources to help you create, edit and save pdf files.     Advertisements

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Searching for a blog?

Check out if you are looking for a blog, or social networking site.  What was the name of that blog?

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Internet Webpage Dashboard

All of your favorite websites at a glance.  Great idea for the little ones, or a computer lab.  

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$50K Grant for Schools – Clorox

Power a bright future grant.  Nominate a school to receive a $50 K grant.

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Top 35 Web 2.0 Tools

Check out this list of the 35 of the best web 2.0 tools, websites and resources.  

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NASA to award 50 STEM Fellowships

Change in teacher practice is the key to improving student performance in STEM. The Endeavor Online STEM Certificate provides the comprehensive training educators need to effectively teach STEM content and integrate strategies within the core curriculum. Endeavor graduates become champions … Continue reading

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Seseame Street and S-T-E-M

Sesame Street will feature STEM topics for the new season.  

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