KitchenKids! Incorp0rated is a non-profit entity that provides edu-tainment resources – for children ages 5-12 – focused on developing healthy, resourceful and humanitarianly-motivated 21st Century children.  Our enterprise is called KitchenKids! because it is based on the notion that throughout history and regardless of race, ethnicity, socio-economic status or geographic location, the kitchen has served as a child’s original play and learning station.  KitchenKids! is an asset to the village of elders accountable for raising the whole child.  We promote parental engagement in the learning process regardless of a parent’s level of education and our messages to parents are accessible in 52 different languages.  Our eLearning activities offer kids an opportunity to learn and apply knowledge related to math, reading, science, history, geography, self-esteem, character, cooperation, team work and nutrition.  They can play games, engage in fitness activities, learn to read, write and speak new languages and even voice their opinions regarding issues impacting the world of children.  The creators of KitchenKids! are committed to the belief that the children of the world can develop the skills required for them to make choices regarding their personal health, emotional intelligence and relationship management that will ultimately result in inclusive, humanitarian social relationships and environments wherever life leads them.

Our Current Products:

      Celebrating American Cultures Activity Placemat

      Pixicals ~ non-numeric logical sequencing games

      Recipes – Kid-Tested Parent Approved (with diabetic-friendly conversions)

      Cool Beans iNews ~ eLearning activity center

      K.I.D.S. (Kids Involved in a Democratic Society) – a forum to provide kids with a voice in shaping the world

      KitchenKids!  Walk Like You Talk Café  – a place where celebrities from various professions offer advice to kids on things they can do today to prepare to succeed and shine as adults.

A Taste of KitchenKids!   – a 3-hour introductory program for groups

Contact Information:


 P.O. Box 767102

Roswell, Georgia 30075

Phone: 407.395.3252 or 459.563.5515




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