Teacher Summer Opportunity July 10-

Biomedical Explorations: Bench to Bedside

Bench to Bedside will focus on translational research from discovery based research to clinical theraputics. Bench to Bedside is funded by an NIH NCRR SEPA precollege grant to CPET.

Summer Institute: Sunday, July 10 – Friday, July 22, 2011

Bench to Bedside http://www.cpet.ufl.edu/bench/ connects researchers in interdisciplinary biomedical sciences with high school teachers to promote students’ interest in and preparation for bioscience careers along the continuum of translational research—from discovery to production of medicines and therapeutics.


During the Institute, an experimental sequence in basic science and clinical and applied research environments will illustrate scientific content, pedagogical methods, career options, and conceptual and technological interrelationships within translational research.


Teachers will work with science, industry and education researchers to develop lessons and laboratory exercises that convey the principles of translational research and drug development in the context of career choices. Teachers also become researchers in their own classrooms as they use tools developed during the institute to study the effectiveness of instruction on student learning outcomes.


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